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My custom campaign, set in the world of Aruk.

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So, Aruk. 

Dwarves were the first race to be born on Aruk. They are the oldest, but not the wisest.

They were in a century long war with Orcs, and in an effort to win an advantage, they started mining deep into a volcano for a rare mineral.

They went too deep, however and cracked Aruk's core, releasing a very toxic mist that literally evaporates skin upon contact.

In an effort to not cause global extinction, the world's greatest Wizards reformatted the mineral, and created holy crystals. 

Using these crystals, they lifted the crust of Aruk off of the mantle, into the sky.

However, the crust broke into many pieces, and as they floated on the world mist, they drifted apart.

Now, 100 years later, it is more or less settled. Animals have adapted to the mist and "swim" in it like an ocean, and the world uses flying airships to travel on the mist from island to island.

It however, is mostly unmapped because of how the crust broke.

And, everything that adapted to the mist has become ever so deadly, so adventuring from island to island could mean instant peril.

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